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I know what it takes. You have to get up every day and believe in what you do to one hundred percent. With the experience I have gathered over the years, I’ve learned what makes the difference – including when it comes to the equipment I use.

My eyewear is an essential part of my performance out on the golf course.

The conditions out on a golf course are very different than those you experience in, for example, water sports or skiing, and determines the kind of sunglasses you need to wear. The right lens technology and a well-worked design are crucial.
You may have noticed that the sunglasses I wear fully protect the eyes. That means I avoid getting harmful rays from the sun and pollen in my eyes. I am also sensitive to light, so the glasses help my eyes to retain their energy while playing or training.

This is why I actively take part in the product development of Henrik Stenson Eyewear. I’m closely involved in the choice of materials and in the performance of the special lens, and I ensure that the design of the products is optimal.

This is just as important for the collection for juniors, who also need quality equipment.

Protection and performance are my guiding principles, always. I never approve anything that I wouldn’t wear myself and I can proudly say that Henrik Stenson Eyewear are my glasses.

I believe that you share my passion for golf. You know that the road is not straight. You will face adversity. But with determination and care for the smallest details, you will reach your goals… and even exceed them.

– Henrik Stenson